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Wireless Charger RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad:

Characteristics wireless charging, which is something that not many Electricity banks have

wireless charger

Wireless charging has Quick Wireless charging for Samsung Smartphones along with the iPhone X and iPhone 8




Does not feature Quick Charge with the USB-A port


Portable charges are among the very useful charging Electronics that’s on the market currently. The cause of that is because we’re able to take them wherever we want, while all other charging electronics such as wall chargers, car chargers, and wireless chargers have us and our devices remain in a singed place; differently, they’d also be known as portable chargers. Another reason that mobile chargers have grown and they’re so useful is because they are able to utilize the same charging tech that wall chargers use.


With many portable chargers using USB-C, Power Delivery, and Quick Charge. Among the new charging technologies that portable chargers have begun utilizing is Wireless charging. Yes, it may sound strange but it has been done with a couple of power banks available on the marketplace.


So let’s see what a power lender that is capable of wireless A charging interface and charging is capable of.




Power Capacity:


There is 10,400mAh power capability to be used with this Charger, but like any power bank, that is not how much you are actually going to be able to utilize to charge your smartphone or tabletcomputer. As there is power capacity which has through charging, to convert and there is some missing when that occurs. In cases like this, another reason is if you’re charging a device using the port, while in addition to the charger charging a smartphone at the same time wirelessly.


That is two charging methods occurring at the Exact Same time Can worsen the conversion of energy that you can actually use. In cases like this, we are going to figure the amount of Output power capability that you are actually going to be able to utilize.


10,400 x 3.7 = 38,480 / 5 = 7,696


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Devices ravpower wireless charger 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank (Output Ability = 7,700mAh) Phone Capacity RAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank Input Left Over Capacity after One Charge


# of Full Charges for the Device


IPhone SE 7,700mAh 1,624mAh 6,076mAh Left


4.7 Full Charges


IPhone 6 7,700mAh 1,810mAh 5,890mAh Left


4.2 Full Charges


IPhone 6 Plus 7,700mAh 2,915mAh 4,785mAh Left


2.6 Full Charges


IPhone 6s 15,000mAh 1,715mAh 5,985mAh Left Over Ability after One Charge


4.4 Full Charges


IPhone 6s Plus 7,700mAh 2,750mAh 4,950mAh Left


2.8 Full Charges


3.0 Full Charges


2.9 Full Charges


Samsung Galaxy S7 7,700mAh 3,000mAh 4,700mAh Left Over Ability after One Charge


2.5 Full Charges


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 7,700mAh mAh Left Over Ability after One Charge


2.1 Full Charges


Samsung Galaxy S8+ 7,700mAh 3,500mAh 4,200mAh Left Over Ability after One Charge


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So if you are only using a charging system at a time You are likely to be left with about 7,700mAh Output power capacity that can go To your devices. But if you are using the Part and wireless Part for charging at the same time you can anticipate about 6,000mAh simply Since wireless charging generates during charging a lot more warmth. Also, you Need to await the fact that electricity isn’t currently passing a cable but Via a forcefield and that’s a lot less efficient compared to wired charging as Power capacity can be dropped a lot.